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New Relic Support


Has anyone ever tried to install New Relic to monitor a website or system ?

We are building a massive ERP for advertising agencies, in this case is a rewrite of the software, but now using a framework and best practices. I picked Phalcon from other frameworks for my team to develop, but now that we are putting an alpha test online I discovered that Phalcon and New Relic don't mix.

New Relic has became one of the most important tools for monitoring our systems.

Is it that difficult to put that support ? If someone point me the stepping stones I would try it.


We use it with several apps. Theres no real difference in how new relic operates with other apps. Inside of your index.php toss in your app_name code

if (extension_loaded ('newrelic')) {
    newrelic_set_appname ("AppNameGoesHere");

You of course need your extension loaded and configured with your license key, but phalcon has nothing to do with that.

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Reading New Relic's docs induces you to think the framework has to implement those functions. I already tested and it worked great, I've put this in my Base Controller:

$moduleName = $this->dispatcher->getModuleName();
$controllerName = $this->dispatcher->getControllerName();
$actionName = $this->dispatcher->getActionName();
if (extension_loaded ('newrelic')) {
    newrelic_name_transaction ($moduleName. '/'. $controllerName . '/' . $actionName);

And the Javascript includes in my main template (header and footer), it's already gathering info.

Another approach is to not put it in a base controller and attach it to the dispatcher. For example, this works for me:

$app->before(function () use ($app) {
    if (extension_loaded('newrelic')) {

Notice also that I'm recommending sending the route pattern to New Relic, not just the module/controller/action. I find this better to visualize in NewRelic.