I wanted to use the Phalcon\Validation\Validator\Identical Validator in order to Check if a Checkbox was clicked in my Formular.

But no matter what i try the validation always fails. I'm currently using Phalcon v2.0.3

$validator = new \Phalcon\Validation();
$validator->add('terms', new \Phalcon\Validation\Validator\Identical(array(
    'accepted' => 'yes',
    'message' => 'You need to accept the Terms of Agree'

$post = array('terms' => 'yes');

$messages = $validator->validate($post);

if ($messages->count()) {
  echo "Validation failed!";

The Validation above always fail even if the Value is identical.


EDIT: Got the right answer in the Github Issue Ticket. The Documentation is wrong.

It is required to use value instead of accepted