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Count total records with limit

Hi, I'm trying to implement a rest server and some of my request have a lot of data.

As I'm using ionic to consume this api, I'm avoiding returning all the dataset on the first fetch, so I implemented a "infinite scroll" that request new data evertyime the page reachs the bottom, basically a pagination.

I need to inform in the app how many records I have in total and array.length in javascript will not help me (since I get the data by pieces).

Also, on Phalcon, when I call count on a ResultSet it return the count of the results on the ResultSet, so, if I apply a limit 0, 50 and count it will return 50.

There's any way to get the total number of records as if I haven't used limit instead of creating 2 queries (1 with the limit the fetch right and another without the limit to do the count)?

Thanks and sorry about the bad english

You can use the Query Builder paginator to solve that problem: https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/pagination.html#data-adapters