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<?=$this->action('action', 'controller') ?> equivalent in phalcon?

I have a header which has it's own controller and action, I want to include it in my view. we could do this with <?=$this->action('index', 'header') ?> with Zend. I couldn't find any equivalents in Phalcon. Would apreciate for any help.

Assuming you want to implement a helper.

There are two ways to do this:

1 - Make a library and call statically



class MyClass{

    public function returnFalse() {

        return false;




if(MyClass::returnFalse()) {
    // Do Something

Make sure to auto load it.


2 - Dependency injector

    $di->set('helper', function(){
        return (object) array(
            'my_class' => new MyClass();


if($this->helper->my_class->returnFalse()) {
    // Do Something