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Phalcon Conference reboot

So i guess some of us really want a Phalcon Conference to take place (this year!).

Let's start over, because in my humble opinion this thread is no longer updated to be relevant.

What we need:

  • Up-to-date participation check
    • How about resetting the previous questionnaire?
  • New Date/weekend with best attendance
  • Suitable location
    • Hotel/Congress with nice facilities/accessibility
    • Nearby sleeping accomodation for guests and speakers
    • Catering: Snacks/food/drinks
  • Subjects to talk about / Agenda
  • Guest speakers / Showcases / Workshops
    • whitepapers
    • livestream/recordings of the lectures for later use
  • A Budget
  • Sponsors (in different tiers)
  • Website for conference details and people to sign up and pay or donate
  • Special conference logo and design

I think we need a group of 3-4 (local) volunteers to set up the preparations. Anybody up for this? PM me so I can add you to a Google Docs for all specifics. Maybe some of the original initiators can help out?

Please only comment on-topic. I will update this topic-comment with important news

Note: I have never organised something like a conference. So any hands-on experience is very welcome! I live in the Netherlands. So if anybody wants to meet to discuss things face to face, that would be fine too.


Yes! I'm sorry, life's been entirely too hectic to do anything but work and family.

As the original instigator of this on the forums I do still believe it's a (very) good idea and I'm totally game to help out where I can, I just can't head up the effort. I have a lot of potentially interesting connections that could be really useful but I just haven't had the time to flesh it out.

If you're interested, Jeroen, hit me up on IRC (freenode) in #phalconphp, nick is riano and we can chat.

Hi @rianorie, Thanx. I will get in touch with you soon!

I'm still interested in participating in the conference.

I live in Amsterdam and I'm interested in helping out. I'm happy to meet in person to discuss it further as well.


This is a great idea. Can we pin it to the top and replace the outdated post to get maximum visibility.

I have just spoken to Rian on IRC. Seems to me this thing can really kick off! The initial survey had a lot of positive response from the community! I will try to make a complete list of all the things we need to organize, and contact some of you to help out and maybe meet in person to discuss things further!

Great! Feel free to contact me if you need some help. I'm willing to collaborate and possibly get some help from people with experience organising events (like the next web conference) that could give us a hand.

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Did you have a chance to contact @AmsterdamPHP usergroup? Probably they can help you with organization. Actually they are interested in one more PHP conference with ability to learn more about Phalcon and Zephir



@punneke can we get in touch? We spoke on IRC last time and I never got an email address I believe :) Can you shoot me an email at rian.orie (at) gmail.com? Thanks!