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File-based fallback for non-Phalcon servers?

The primary advantage of creating and application using the Phalcon framework is that Phalcon runs as a C-extension, and therefore applications can run faster than they would if written using a normal file-based PHP framework.

However, that's also the primary disadvantage of Phalcon. Any application written using the framework requires Phalcon to be installed on the server, which obviouly requires root access and the knowledge to install and configure Phalcon, or a webhost that has made Phalcon available.

Is there a PHP-based implimentation of the classes and interfaces of the framework, that the bootstrap process could check to see if Phalcon is installed on the server, and fall back to if it's not installed?

If not, why not?

edited Jul '15

There is no fallback to php. The reason is that will be very difficult to maintain 2 frameworks and some parts like the orm would be hard to rewrite in php.

You can use Phalcon on most cPanel hosts, just by using the phalcon.so extension, which you can get it from here: https://github.com/magnxpyr/phalcon.so

You can use phalcon on all shared hosts if:

  • you compile phalcon.so in a VM for the kernel version + php version ran on that host;
  • that host allow you to modify php.ini.