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OAuth 2.0 server

Does anyone know of any oauth 2.0 server project implemented with phalconphp?


Thank you for your reply @Phalcon. I think that is the "client" implementation. I was looking for a project that is based on phalcon and that acts as a server for OAuth 2.0 authorizing --> like this one here for example https://github.com/php-loep/oauth2-server/tree/master/src/League/OAuth2/Server that is recommended at https://oauth.net/2


I recently made one that uses OAuth 2 with client_credentials. Do you have specific questions?

@lobostome Do you have this OAuth2 server implementation in a github repository?

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Hello, @Anderson this is my dummy repository for thephpleague oauth2 server implementation https://github.com/sumeko/phalcon-oauth2 hope you guys can optimize it as i am just started [again] to phalcon, it is worked on my last project [using client credential grant type]

Hello, @Sum can you please show me how you use this? I mean using controller and etc. thanks

Hello, @Sum can you please show us how we'd use this?



Hello, @Sum I too would like to know how to use this?


Hello, @Sum I too would like to know how to use this?