Can Phalcon work with Couchbase?

I just discovered Phalcon and I'm "eating" through the tutorials to get started, therefore I may be asking an FAQ. I was wondering if Phalcon can support Couchbase (, which uses the same protocol as Memcache, instead of MongoDB. I know that MongoDB is good, it's just that Couchbase would be preferable for the project I would be working on. Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hi! Phalcon is exstension framework and couchebase have exstension for it U cat inziliaze connection and set id in DI. $di->set('couchebaseConnection', new Couchbase("", "", "", "default")); and use where u wont. But if u would like to cache with it u can write class like a \Phalcon\Cache\Backend\Memcache. sry for my en :)


Thanks for the reply. I forgot that Phalcon also works with "plain" PHP. :D