Phalcon Docs General Question

If I noticed something that is lacking in the documentation, what's the best way to let someone know to fix it? I don't necessarily know what needs to added to flesh out the documentation more, but there's a hole in it. I wouldn't want to fork the page and send a pull request that says "Hey what does this mean?" on github.

For instance, Phalcon\Mvc\Model -> belongsTo()/hasMany() etc, the fourth argument passed as an array of key values that do awesome things like foreignKeys, reusable, alias, etc. There's just no documentation on exactly how that array is setup, what the possible keys are, etc. I can randomly find them out on the Models documentation page, but nowhere to go (that I could find) on what possible key => values would work.

Long live Phalcon's pure awesomeness (despite this one little thing).

Hey firefly,

A few solutions :

  1. You can fork the repo on github, edit what yo uthink is bad, and send a pull request.
  2. You can open an issue on github
  3. Go on irc an discuss about it

Here is the documentation repo : it uses sphinx :