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Assets how to remove js and css

use addCss('/plugins/todc-bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css')

how to remove?

as far as I know there is no function to remove css. Once you add it, you can only remove it from view with javascript, after render. You might have to rethink your assests strategy if you don't need bootstrap all over your website.


Can't really remove except through JS, but the neat thing about templates is you can include only the js you need at the end of the views... Unless you're building a single page app & in that case you can include w/ libraries like require or just load everything.

If you need to load different CSS, I would probably use a different layout file and define the different CSS includes in each layout file.


Only one controller does not require global js files, but other controllers need global js files.

you can do as Zach said with a different layout, or you could write 2 base controllers (one with assets, one without and define here only what you need inside your current controller)