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Controller forward reload issue.

Hey guys, I am having an issue with the dispatcher forwarder. When I forward to a page, if the original page (pre-forward) was a post, then if the user refreshes the page, it will post again. Is there a way to truly forward to a page? or am i just using bad practice here.

This is my basic problem

/account/view/21          <-- viewing account 21. 
/account/addSetting/    <-- user interacts and sends post to below. 
/account/addSetting/ fowards user back to /account/view/21

however in this scenario, if the user hits refresh, they will repost to /account/addSetting

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I have solve this in a lot of cases by just converting everything AJAX, and calling everything via javascript. but I really think there has to be a solution in phalcon, or i am doing something wrong.