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Compiling Phalcon from .zep source files

Elo bird lovers,

I'm kind of embarassed, but after changing a minor thing in a .zep source file, I can't get the modification to get through to the compiled version.

I cloned the 2.0.x branch, edited a .zep file (the compiler.zep for volt engine, but it doesn't really matter) then ran cd build && ./install. There was no error, but no changes either.

Then I checked the build/64bits/phalcon.zep.c, and the modifications were not in the c source... I tried deleting it then running php build/gen-build.php which also ran without any error, but the modification I made is still not there...

What am I missing?


More embarrasment ensues; the .zep source files aren't touched by those steps, only the C source in the ext directories.

Running zephir build made wonders.



Which directory should I run zephir build from?



i believe in the main phalcon folder