Mandatory Validation When Saving Model???

I've come into another roadblock while developing my app. I'm having an issue when in my model area. I want to for instance save a user, but I don't have all the fields in the users table yet. If for instance I have a users table with id, email, password, phone_number, but in my controller I have the following:

$user = new User();
$user->email = '[email protected]';
$user->password = 'somepassword';

$user->save(); always returns false for me. When I run through php $user->getMessages(); it says "[field] is required" for all the fields I haven't put it. I've tried putting in my model php public function validation() { } but that didn't work. I added the validation code from some of the example pages and I got the same result. I've removed it and gotten the same result. I would like some validation on the fields I am trying to input, but I don't want validation if the field is not put in through $user->something or $user->save($_POST, array('filter_fields'));


You can try the skipAttributes() in your model's initialize().

class User extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model
    public function initialize()
edited Oct '14

If for instance if I have a quick user reg and a full user reg, how would I differentiate those? Do I have to run through an if/switch statement or is there some temporary validation I could use for just the controller/action I need?

// insert code to somehow get controller/action
if($controller == 'user' && $action == 'quick') {
} else {
    // don't skip anything

It'd be super nice if there were a function that is "I only want to validate these 3 fields". That way if down the road you insert more fields in the table you don't have to explicitly outline each new field it needs to skip.