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Problem installing via composer with php fcgi


I have problems installing phalcon-devtools with composer, i get this message

  • Installation request for phalcon/devtools dev-master -> satisfiable by phalcon/devtools[dev-master].
  • phalcon/devtools dev-master requires ext-phalcon ~2.0 -> the requested PHP extension phalcon is missing from your system.

So.. on my server I use different php versions for every host.

the php version i use for phalcon is working fine, since i see it in phpinfo, and the website is working :)

composer.json file:

{ "require": { "phalcon/devtools": "dev-master" } } what i do is : /opt/php/php5612/bin/php composer install


For the php version you use for phalcon what version of phalcon are you using?


latest one, i think its 2.0.7. I downloaded it yesturday

edited Aug '15

What version shows in phpinfo for the site?

edited Aug '15


Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP

phalcon enabled

Author Phalcon Team and contributors

Version 2.0.7

Build Date Aug 26 2015 11:56:01

Powered by Zephir Version 0.7.1b


I can only recommmend iinstalling phalcon-devtools using one of the install methods here:



still buggy cuz of this extension...

i guess i have to try with the annoying pear ...

thanks for the help mate. Cheers!


No worries