Web tools and modules

How can i create controllers and models inside a module?

(Phalcon DevTools 1.2.3)


That option is not supported yet by devtools.


I would like to extend the module functionality since I think it is a very basic and important aspect of Phalcon to easily develop modular applications. The devtools have by now very limited module support (by times of this writing you can create a single module application with the hardcoded path 'frontend'). I would like to support different parameters and new commands for handling modules, but I would like to hear the thoughts of the community first.

How do you think multi module applications should be handled by the devtools? How do you guys like to have it called from the CLI? Should modules be more configurable (models, services etc.?)

Or is that something the devtools do not need to do - should that be something an superordinated tool should do? By now I use the devtools to create a new project and edit and copy the resulting files and folders by a phing script to form a new module.

I asked about ideas and thoughts here: https://github.com/phalcon/phalcon-devtools/issues/108, but maybe that is the wrong place to discuss this. I would like to use something like:

phalcon name modules --module-name=moduleName

Inside the project you might call:

phalcon add-module newModule

What do you think?


@michaelkrone, thank you, could you create a new thread so others can see it and discuss this functionality?