Micro application performance

Does anybody know how much faster ir Micro Application comparing to standard Phalcon Application?

I would compare existing benchmarking, they seem to show similar results, I do think that there is no noticeable difference, but it's up to you do your own comparisons

Standard = http://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/benchmark/hello-world.html#graphs Micro = http://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/benchmark/micro.html#graphs


Main operations are the same for both ways. Micro is just more comfortable for small or low functional apps because of different API. The same apps, are built in this two ways, should have similar performance.

I think those ways should be compared in other case - if you have a big app. In my opinion for this case Micro will shows worth results, because it would have a very complicated structure. But I may be wrong, depending on quality of internal design and work of framework.

I think that when we see Standard vs Micro we should not consider runtime speed (that should be nearly the same in both cases), but development speed.

If you are going to create a tiny app with low functionalities and etc, then you should choose Micro because it helps you with this environment. The same goes for diferent projects sizes and Standard applications.

If the same app is developed in both types, the performance will be nearly the same, after all both run the same core in the end.