What will be changed in PHP7.0 for Phalcon?

Hi Phalcon Team,

As we all know the PHP7.0 is going to come out this year and there are a lot of performance improvement in PHP7 so is there new version of Phalcon that is going to support PHP7?

I love the phalcon MVC but there is still some questions around the MVC structure, for the model part, how can I build a resource model layer on top of phalcon to use other PECL extension like mongo and solr clients to do the object mapping to different database, do I need to get rid of entire Model from Phalcon and build my own or there is some way that I could make use of phalcon modeling?

Any help will be much appreciated.

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(Non-Dev opinion:) I for one wouldn't get too excited about PHP7 just yet... even if it checks out errorless (impossibru!:]) there are a lot of changes that will make common libraries incompatible with it, so there will be a serious transition time for the PHP community. The performance increase is rather compelling, but you won't see it in production environments for a while.

Regarding Phalcon, there is useful info on github: