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Zephir building


how can i build phalcon in order to update only files located in /builds/64bits/ ?

i dont use native php version, so i need to update the files in this directory only. But i dont know how :)



I suppose you already installed the zephir binaries, then:

$ git clone -b 2.0.x --single-branch git://

Make your desired changes to phalcon/*.zep

$ cd cphalcon/
$ zephir compile
$ cd build/
$ sudo ./install

Install should automatically detect 32/64 bit, but you cant also force it like so:

sudo ./install 32bits
sudo ./install 64bits
sudo ./install safe

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ah great, thanks! zephir compile is what i missed, i was usiing zephir build.

Anyways in order to make the answer 100% correct, because i am not compiling it for the native php version...

$ zephir compile
$ cd build/64bits
$ phpize --clean
$ make clean
$ _PATH_TO_PHP /bin/phpize
$ ./configure --with-php-config=_PATH_TO_PHP /bin/php-config
$ make
$ make install

Good, I've missed the php version... :D


i droped you an Email, if you could take a look at it, you will make a person very happy :D