How do you use Analytics

Sorry if this is a offtopic and please remove if i'm not allowed to create this topic.

I'm sitting here and trying to figure out, how to get the best Analytics for my website.

In my case, i would like to get json results from my Analytics provider and show the data on my website.

The problem is, that im running an multi subdomain website, that get's generated everytime a user create and user.

So if an visitor creates an account, a new dynamic subdomain called "" is being created.

I need an Analytics that can show every user how many visitors they have on their website

( This can be maybe thousands of users )

It is a good thing you have identified and stated your problem. Which is the first step. The second step is to find sources of solution to your problem before you tackle it. On this regard, There are so many analytic tools you have to put in all your factors to get the best that suites you.

There is no webservice specifically designed to export JSON data.

You just have to put into your factors if the anaytics provider have an embedding API to read the results in your own dashboard

Using google anaytics as an example here, you can use the Google Analytics Embed API.

I have looked into Google Analytics, but i am not sure that they would allow my multisite to work - I need example to show every user their stats for their own subdomain, and isent there a limit?

And thanks for your answer!


I developed an application with subdomain creation and analytics. I have used Piwik, as it's open source and have similar features compared to Google Analytics.