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multiple select reminder

Please don't downvote it but i just would like to remind that there is still problem with multiple options select when someone wanted to set: $this->tag->setDefault("testteset", array(0, 1) ); an exception occurs "Only scalar values can be assigned to UI components" So far everywhere needed i used a "workaround" and created the select in the backend setting all for such select in the backend end then got the contents of it into a view variable ($this->view->setVar). Normally setting default valuses for volt standard non-multiple select and the other fields i do using simple setDefault .

I think that improving such a core - related basic thing it for the major LTS release would be a good thing.

Sorry, i wouldn't like any developer to take offence somhow, this issue could simply be overlooked.


I think it was fixed in version 2.0.7, you may take alook on that newest version


Oh, i have the newest (2.0.7). If you overheard it somewhere maybe it is 2.1 version :)