Error setting phalcon

Sorry, WebTools doesn't know where is the controllers directory. Please add to application section controllersDir param with valid path.


Not sure how to use webtools, but if you look in your config, you should see something like this in your index.html file unless you've created other, separate configs (

    $loader = new Loader();

../app/controllers/ is the directory it's probably looking for.

You may say more clearly how I need to fix it?


Look at your config.ini file. The setup can be found here: as far as I can tell. Again, I've never used Phalcon Web Tools.

The code you want to pay attention to is under Preparing Database Settings:

    controllersDir = "../app/controllers/"
    modelsDir      = "../app/models/"
    viewsDir       = "../app/views/"
    baseUri        = "/store/"

The controllersDir needs to be set and correct.