Devtools on windows x64 issues

Hi, I'm trying to run devtools on windows 8 x64 locally but there is some issues.

  1. When trying to run from PHPstorm IDE:

E:\vagrant\apps\vendor\phalcon\devtools\ide\phpstorm\ Cannot run program "E:\vagrant\apps\vendor\phalcon\devtools\ide\phpstorm\" (in directory "E:\vagrant\apps"): CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application

  1. When trying to run from CMD:

Error Phalcon extension isn't installed

I have followed all steps from:

Any help or reference appreciated.


About the second error, you might have more than one PHP installed. Open the command prompt and type php -i > info.txt then open the txt file. Check for the extension_dir and for the location of the php.ini Those are the locations you need to put and configure the Phalcon extension. Good luck!