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Debug CSS/JS broken when using HTTPS

I'm using \Phalcon\Debug to.... debug, and whenever it generates a debug screen, the page is completely unstyled. All my pages are via https, so the CSS and Javascript for the page is also loaded via https. However, it appears NetDNA does not serve up those files over https, only http:

https://static.phalcon.io/debug/1.2.0/jquery/jquery.js <-- Not found https://static.phalcon.io/debug/1.2.0/jquery/jquery.js <-- Works fine

Edit This isn't a bug report - if it's happening to you and you want the Phalcon organization to notice, submit a bug report on Github.

This problem can be circumvented by locally hosting the files, and using the setURI() method to tell your Debug object where the files are.

Probably that the server with static resources doesnt listen ssl port for this domain !

The static.phalcon.io is the CDN we use to offer resources faster and of course to save on bandwidth.

We have not set up an https on it as of yet. I will see what I can do to purchase an SSL certificate for that.

I just bought a new certificate. Links work now irrespective of the schema http/https :)

Looks good. Thanks.

This problem is back.

I confirm that https version no longer works

I can also confirmed this issue. I started to have this issue since yesterday (that I noticed). Sometimes it can't load few js/css files and other times there are additional css/js files which it can't load.

Here is the list of js/css files which it can't load (the ones I noticed)







When I try to visit these sources, sometimes I get 404 page, other times I can reach the files. I'm guessing this will be fixed.


Same here today. Files are unavailable over https (version 2.0.0) https://www.phalcon.io/debug/2.0.0/jquery/jquery-ui.css

Hope that can be resolved quickly, my phalcon debugger looks like a website from the late 80's :/