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Hi, I just reinstall my mac and I install phalcon, but when I access INVO over the url https://localhost/invo, it shows me the directory content and when I go through public/index.php, all my css, js files are not found.

Is there any specify settings I should tweak ? mod_rewrite is enabled in apache config.

Thank you !

I think i had the same problem in the first time, i recommend check the config in app/config/config.ini (baseUri).


Hi ! No that did not do the trick. Actualy, my base uri look like this :

baseUri = /invo/

if I modified like that :

baseUri = / => I'm having the same result : directory content and no css or js applied.

if I goes like that :

baseUri = /invo/public/ => I'm have the style on the index page, but if I navigate, I'm having an error :

Not Found

The requested URL /invo/public/contact/index was not found on this server.

Anymore idea ?



I find the solution. AllowOverride was set to none. I changed it to All and it's working now.

Thanks !