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Mongo: Maximum recursion depth exceeded

I'm brand spanking new at Phalcon and working on getting Mongo connected to a remote host. I seem to be connected to the db but trying to instantiate the model that extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Collection gives me the following error.

Fatal error: Phalcon\DI::get(): Maximum recursion depth exceeded

Any help is appreciated.

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The connection to mongo in the bootstrap is:

$di->set('mongo', function() {
    $config = Registry::get(CONFIG);
    $connect = array('username' => $config->mongo->username,
                     'password' => $config->mongo->password );
    $mongo = new Mongo($config->mongo->host, $connect);
    return $mongo->selectDb($config->mongo->name);
}, TRUE);
$di->set('collectionManager', '\Phalcon\Mvc\Collection');

In the controller I've tried

$user = User::find();

which shows: Fatal error: Phalcon\DI::get(): Maximum recursion depth exceeded

$user = new User();

Which shows the error: Fatal error: Phalcon\DI\Service::resolve(): Maximum recursion depth exceeded

The User model is simply

class User extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Collection


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This kind of fatal error is raised when the extension detects an infinite loop. Infine loops could make the execution unstable because PHP could be out of memory. Try adding a debug_print_backtrace(DEBUG_BACKTRACE_IGNORE_ARGS) in the 'mongo' and 'collectionManager' service definition to check if there is a cyclic dependency in one of your services.

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Turned out that I needed to add Manager to:

$di->set('collectionManager', '\Phalcon\Mvc\Collection\Manager');