Is there any 0.9.0 PDF? I would like to have access to always fresh doc. Is it possible?

Great, I see that documentation is fresh all the time. You changed logging chapter 2 hr ago and now it is available in download pdf from readthedocs. If readthedocs works ok, can you add in Phosphorum tab link to fresh documentation. People could get docs from here , by one click :)

Where are docs in PDF, HTML for 1.0.0 ? BTW. Can I indicate you where is typo/bug etc in DOCS in github? I added comment about typo in 1.0.0 github, is it viable method to show you bugs?


For some unknown reason readthedocs does not want to generate the documentation for this branch (1.0.0) :/, I'm checking the possible cause...

Please let me know if you find out what was happen and if i can download new docs.

Thank you, now it works. Hope that readthedocs will be working properly.