Ordering with Column alias

Hi All,

I'm having issue with sorting with column alias, e.g. (Please don't bother with uncomplete builder statement. I guess you should get the point)

        $builder = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()
            ->columns(array('t.id', 'colalias' => 'COUNT(t.something)'))
            ->orderBy('colalias DESC');

This throwed Scanning error as the order clause translated into [colalias DESC]. I guess it should be [colalias] DESC. Did I miss something or is this a bug with phalcon 2.0.8?

FYI, orderBy without stating ASC/DESC work just fine:


Thanks in advance.

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Hi man

You try replace the oderby above



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No, the plus sign didn't work

Seeing link, I think it's not supported yet.

How to contribute btw?

Right now I'm working around with the unaliased statement.

edit: created issue #11052 on github



I don't know why this not work with you, the my code I have use

        if (!empty($this->gridFilters[$filterKey]['order'])) {
            $builder->orderBy($this->gridFilters[$filterKey]['order']); // ex: title asc

See more https://github.com/phanbook/phanbook/blob/master/core/modules/backend/controllers/ControllerBase.php#L570