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Pagination with offset and limit

Hello everyone, I just start with Phalcon framework, passed trough documantacion and I like it so far... I have one fast question. Im building and api with phalcon and im stuck on part where I have to build pagination for pages. I have to make it with offset and limit parms. So GET /pages?limit=100&offset=100 would give the result set 101 - 200

So, should i make Controller method for pagination and use one of Phalcon ways with Adapter Model or Query Builder or there is a bether way .. btw im outputing json with transformer (dosent have views).

If I understand your question better use LIMIT in SQL. Because paginator of Phalcon did not know how to add LIMIT to the SQL query - it has been working with resulset of SQL query. It's not fast for many rows.

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Go for Query Builder since will only get what you need. Adapter Model will get all data at once and query through it



Thanks both on advice. I did it with Query Builder.