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Sending Email

Can any one please tell me how to send emails using phalcon framework as I am new to this framework

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In Phalcon integreted mail function is absent use https://github.com/phalcon/incubator/tree/master/Library/Phalcon/Mailer or https://github.com/vanchelo/phalcon-mailer . First is more tested but second can work with queue. And both depend SwiftMailer

As a side note, the reason Phalcon doesn't have an integrated mail system is because there will be no real advantage of a mailing system written in Zephir. Most of the time is spent sending the emails and not executting the code

can i have to install swift mailer first then add the phalcon library or swift mailer is already installed on phalcon framework.

install swift mailer first and then the phalcon library

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I used SendGrid and it's super simple. You'll need to sign up with sendgrid and include with composer. Simple use as follows:

    public function sendActivationEmail() {
        $sendgrid = new SendGrid('[username]', '[password]');
        $email = new SendGrid\Email();
            ->setFrom("[email protected]")
            ->setSubject("Sending emails is super neat.")
                <p>Text is awesome for emails!  Love it.</p>

This method is called in the user object in the afterCreate(); [username] and [password] are your username and password w/ SendGrid.

Sendgrid also has support for templates and such, but I didn't take the time to figure them out.