Phalcon ready to evolve to a PHP library? Zephir to PHP code compiler?

I expect a negative answer to my question, but it is intriguing me.

As PHP 7 is just around the corner, with is performance benefits, would now be the time to offer Phalcon as a PHP library as well, alongside the C extension?

In my daily work, I do get my hands on a few EC2, where I can install Phalcon freely, but on many other projects I don't get the chance — sometimes its a shared host where the client isn't ready to migrate yet, maybe it's a subproject inside someone else code, maybe it's just a quick app of some kind — and still, I would love to use Phalcon on ALL other projects too!

We know, Phalcon code base is very solid. It is very clean and consise, without any massive depencies list (like Laravel), so maybe it could be a good citizen on the PHP libraries world, with all Composer support and all.

Maybe it's time? Zephir could compile to C and PHP code as well?

We could run the PHP version on development, and then switch to the C extension where possible, to boost the performance.

To be honest cheapest vps is really like no money, so i dont know reason just to change production machine/host.

as I know Zephir is going through some core changes to be able to generate extensions for php 7 and php 5.4+. There was taken in consideration that later might be possible to generate even PHP code, but I don't think that's a priority for anyone right now.

You might be able to run Phalcon on shared hosting if you have PHP 5.4+ and have php.ini access. The only condition is to compile Phalcon in a VM having the same kernel and php version. I tried on a few cPanel shared hosts and worked without problems.

Hi Stefan, thanks for the feedback, that's indeed a valid solution for many cases.

Well, sucess for Phalcon and Zephir! It have lots of potential.