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ACL trimming action names when adding to ACL resource

I just ripped the Vokuro ACL builder, and i am getting names cut off at 16 characters.

IE my acle list is as follows:

$private = array(
    'people' => array(

however when i go to save this resource to a profile i get this error,

Phalcon\Acl\Exception: Access 'thisisalongnamet' does not exist in resource 'people'

It is cutting off the action name at 16 characters.

foreach ($profiles as $profile) {
    $acl->addRole(new AclRole($profile->name));

foreach ($this->privateResources as $resource => $actions) {
    $acl->addResource(new AclResource($resource), $actions);
foreach ($profiles as $profile) {
    foreach ($profile->getPermissions() as $permission) {
     // it doesn't like this line here. 
        $acl->allow($profile->name, $permission->resource, $permission->action);

i searched the forum for at least 10 minutes trying to find the answer, must have used awful search terms. Thanks Andreas