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Phalcon Hack and Test days

Calling all people that are interested to be a part of the framework but just don't quite know how to or what to do.

We are looking to get people together and spend a few days (a long weekend?) working on the Phalcon framework and its satelite projects like the developer tools and incubator.

What does this mean? A number of developers with experience in developing for the framework or it's projects will be available for questions and guidance using a yet to be defined chat medium. Howto-guides will be made available for people so they can easily set up their own development environment and start contributing to the framework in the form of writing unit tests and bugfixes to known issues.

Interested in being a part of this? Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/LebthcFFbn

As it stands, this will take place somewhere towards the end of January 2016.


I like the idea. On the other side, imho it appears that the Phalcon community is too inactive to successfully pull something like that off on a larger scale. Looking at the forums, most of the activity is people requesting help, then to never be seen again.

I've signed up, and I do honestly hope you manage to pull it off.


Attempting to bring together a more solid foundation for the Phalcon community is a part of this effort as well, the more people learn they can be a part of the project and are able to help out with the framework the more solid such a community might end being, I think. That is what I'm trying to do with this, show people that being a part of the community for this framework isn't hard or only for experts. And if at the same time we end up fixing bugs and problems, that's a pretty good bonus I think :)

In my opinion there is something phalcon suffers.

It's the lake of design correction when it upgraded to version 2 and believe me, I worked with the very core of phalcon and some aspect really lake of flexibility or need to be refactored (that's my opinion, but trust me it is based on real things).

This event could be a good moment to summurize what is not ok with the framework. I'm aware that fixing this kind of error require to upgrade to a major version, and I know that it's not in the current plan but if we start to talk about it earlyer then it will be ready for the future.


Yeah I agree. I'm not a super Phalcon guru, but I know abit about secure development from both the defensive and offensive side of things. So I can answers questions regarding that if that's wanted.

I would also like to discuss pro's and con's with Phalcon and discuss possible solutions


I noticed similar discrepancies between v1.x and v2.x, even between later versions such problems are being reported. End all, we're all humans an we all make mistakes. A fairly easy way to prevent these kind of issues is to have an enormous range of unit tests, only so much of the framework is being unit tested right now and if we write more tests and aim to have all aspects of the framework covered and tested we can hopefully prevent similar issues in the future. Hence, hack and test days :)

At the same time working on a more defined roadmap would also not be a bad thing. I have to add though, that's more @phalcon 's department and I can't speak for him in that regard.

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Rian, that's not about errors in the code. The kind of errors i'm talking about are design error. I mean something that unit test cant cover !


I understand, that's why I mentioned the roadmap.