Starting an app w/Phalcon. Should I use 1.2.4 or 1.3.0?

I'm going to rewrite the backend that my company uses in Phalcon. We've been using CodeIgniter for the past year and have slowly been moving towards using it as API. This is where Phalcon and the Micro Apps come in. We looked at Slim and a few others but settled on Phalcon because we like the syntax and feature set better.

My question is, starting today, is it better to start on 1.2.4-beta or 1.3.0? What is the ETA on 1.3.0 and what new things will it bring that maybe we should wait for? Is anything big going to break? We have no problem rebuilding the PHP extension for production at anytime.



I'm on 1.3.0 and it feels good. The core is fully functional.

Personally I have always used the latest version for my development projects. Production wise I try to be on the latest stable.

As far as backwards compatibility (i.e. anything breaking) you should be OK. We always try to make upgrades as painless as possible. If something will break i.e. we need to make a change we will let the community know beforehand.