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Cannot load extension

followed the installation guide step by step but cannot get it working ...cannot load extension even inserted the line in php.ini help?

which OS and what says your log file?

says nothing.I installed it & stuck to the guide at all times...OS ubuntu 13.04 full root rights I have it compiled & installed as per the guide but...:( :'(

  1. First, check if phalcon.so successfully compiled. Mine is Ubuntu 12.10:
ls `/usr/bin/php-config --extension-dir`/phalcon.so
  1. You don't have to insert extension loading in php.ini. Erase it if you already insert to php.ini. And just create file like this:
echo "extension=phalcon.so">/etc/php5/conf.d/phalcon.ini
  1. Check if module loades:
/usr/bin/php -m|grep phalcon

For installation, you execute ./install in build directory, right?

hi thanks for the reply, but its solved now turned out I used ./install & not sudo ./install (we'll that made the difference) but its installed now :)