Phalcon PHP extension openshift

How to setup phalcon in openshfift


Hi all, I done install phalcon openshift cool test page I use scipt

FYI - I forked boekkooi's original and added a phalcon install script to it. It uses the php.ini template files to automate added "" to the ini's extensions and import a edited "install" file with the edits from Bruno's great tutorial over on Sitepoint ( Basically it fully automates the install and build process with no need to edit anything from the cmd line.

I just have one little issue that I cannot seem to work through in the script and would love some input (this is the first bash script I have ever written, so... ) Problem I am having is with detecting files for phalcon, once installed, so that it doesn't download and build every time you perform a "git push". With this issue, I would not suggest anyone really use it. But if someone would like to take a look at it, fork it and issue a pull request to resolve. It would be awesome if someone just gave me some hints were I am going wrong.

The repo can be found here - (note the link points my branch for adding phalcon to boekooi's master branch. I have only made commits to this branch and have not merged anything to master. So it is clean.). The file I am having issue with is 'build_phalcon' and the method that are failing to identify the file is 'check_phalcon'. I am open to suggestions anywhere else, of course. Again, since this is my first bash script, I have tons to learn. Thanks for any feed back.