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PHP ACL find controller inside namespace

I'm trying to setup ACL, and it works find.

But now i have a problem, becuase I use folders in my controllers to have more structer. It's all setup as a namespace like this:

Controllers\admin\index Controllers\frontpage\index

But if I set index to private, the index in frontpage AND admin is effected.. I only need admin.. I use Vokuro

This is my code:

Inside my ACL ( Just whats important )

    private $privateResources = array(
        'index' => array(

And in my ControllerBase

    $controllerName = $dispatcher->getControllerName();


        // Only check permissions on private controllers
        if ($this->acl->isPrivate($controllerName)) {

            // Get the current identity
            $identity = $this->auth->getIdentity();

            // If there is no identity available the user is redirected to index/index
            if (!is_array($identity)) {

                echo 'No access.';
                return false;

            // Check if the user have permission to the current option
            $actionName = $dispatcher->getActionName();

            if (!$this->acl->isAllowed($identity['rank'], $controllerName, $actionName)) {

                $this->flash->notice('You don\'t have access to this module: ' . $controllerName . ':' . $actionName);

                if ($this->acl->isAllowed($identity['rank'], $controllerName, 'index')) {
                        'controller' => $controllerName,
                        'action' => 'index'
                } else {
                        'controller' => 'index',
                        'action' => 'index'

                return false;


I know that this is alot of code, but I hope someone got the answer for me, thanks!

edited Dec '15

Thanks for your answer. I found a solution by my self, your code looks greate, I just like how my code is now - So I did this:

    public function isPrivate($controllerName)
        $controllerName = $controllerName;

        $getNamespace = substr(strrchr($controllerName,'\\'), 1);
        $namespace = substr($controllerName, 0, - strlen($getNamespace));
        $getController = preg_match("/[^\\\]+$/", $controllerName, $controller);

        $controllerName = $namespace.strtolower($controller[0]);

        return isset($this->privateResources[$controllerName]);

EDIT: I can't set the code view to PHP?