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Vokuro rememer me

I am using the vokuro auth. I have logged ind with remember me, and it works fine and it sets the cookies.

But when I close my browser and opens it, it dosent login?

I also dont seem to be finding the loginWithRememberMe() function to be run anywhere, if the cookies exists?

Hope you can help! :-)

Maybe your cookie is expired when session is ended(when browser is closed ?)

The cookie is still there?

I dident install Vokuro by composer, is that why?


Hey man

You can see the function loginWithRememberMe at https://github.com/phalcon/vokuro/blob/master/app/library/Auth/Auth.php#L148, to check the browers allow the cookie you can debug via firebug

The remember me works fine, it just dosent fire the function, when i enter my website again after i closed it ?