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Hallo to everyone, i have a model with a simple relation

Username: Id,Name,Email,...

UsernameOptions: Id,User_Id,Key,Value

When i am using now $result=Username::findFirst() i get all the Username´s entries. but not the options. There i have to call it like result->usernameOptions. Is there a way do avoid the lazy loading and load already all relations with the "Username::findFirst() and/or Username::find()"?

Thanks Pat


You should use the query builder for this:

Then you can find the results in the row returned and setup the hierarchy. There's an issue filed for the functionality you're looking for:

thanks for your answers. i am using now afterFetch and it is working. but i have one last question. if i am defining a column set, there is no relation anymore to the UsernameOptions


and if i am using something like this, i get an error that the alias is not working. i tried it with the right alias, and the full namespace/model class.


is there another way i have to do it?

hey dschissler, thanks for your answer anyway. i will describe it a litte bit more percise.

I have following code: A Model User which has normal data like username, email,... and 3 other relations.

class User extends Model

    /** Initialize method for model.*/
    public function initialize()
        $this->hasMany('id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\UserRole', 'authuserentity_id', array('alias' => 'UserRoles', 'foreignKey' => array('action' => Relation::ACTION_CASCADE)));
        $this->hasMany('id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\Option', 'user_id', array('alias' => 'Options', 'foreignKey' => array('action' => Relation::ACTION_CASCADE)));
        $this->hasMany('id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\Protocol', 'user_id', array('alias' => 'Protocols', 'foreignKey' => array('action' => Relation::ACTION_CASCADE)));


so if i am using

$model = User::find();
foreach($model as $user){
    $options = $user->getOptions();

i will receive the Options.

now i just wanna have the field for example id of the User Model and only the field value of the Option Model. but ther i dont know how to add the columns from the relations. I dont think i need to add a extra join because the relation is already defined!?

$model = User::find(array('columns'=>'id,?value?'));

thanks for your time. pat

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thanks dschissler with phql i already tried it and it is working. but i was just wondering if its also somehow possible over the normal "find" function. tried already many ways but with everything i got the error that the module or alias could not be found.

but in that case i will switch to phql :)

Well there is no something like partial model in phalcon orm like in doctrine.