Sample Multimodule application with common authentication


I am planning to setup a SAAS based project using Phalcon framework which will have 2 sets of users. So I am planning to setup 3 Modules as follows,

  1. Frontend- A basic html pages describing features, plans and pricing, about us, etc
  2. Users- they can register themselves on the site, and after login they can utilize features (around 10-12 crud operations with some reporting)
  3. Backend- For Site Admins to control and monitor Registered Users, their plans and pricing, CMS pages, Billing etc.

I am planning to use Vokuro as base but I am not sure how this will work across multimodule. So just wanted to know if there is any sample application created for demonstrating Multimodule feature which I can use to get started?

Thanks! Mehul


Album O'Rama is multi-module application:

Check the authentication/authorization implemented in Vokuro:

thanks will check out O'Rama