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PhalconPHP Full Tutorials

I love Phalcon but I run into so many issues as it is my first time programing. Unfortuantly after paying for Udemy Phalcon tutorials and realizing that just like the vimeo tutorials teaches you absolultiy nothing, I decided to move to laravel. Not sure if any of you seen the Laracast video but wow, what an amazing work. I was able to get going and rather then figureing out he bootstrap file for 6 hours, I was acutally able to create an aplication. Not only that they explained what every dam comma and curly bracket did but also how to use the IDE for the best programing experiance.

And here is where most people will be like " well virgil did you see the 15 minutes poll video" yes i did see it. Most of the video the only thing i seen was a bunch or stuff written on the screen with the coment from the uploader as " well what we are doing here is getting the controller ready" yes that helped a lot, thanks but i cant even understand y there is a curly bracked at the start of the function, what does it do and y is it there?

This is a post of frustration on how nobody has been able to make some sort of quick step by step video tutorial for phalcon, with so many advenced users here.

No worries after going through laravel, I have decided to come back to phalcon. Now it seems much simpler as i already know most of the things in regards to php, routing and delcarations. So with all that said I have to give many thanks to Laravel for the amazing work in truly developing something for first time users.

I really hope that somebody will do it here also, I know I cant, because i am far away from knowing anything. But just as I have payed for Laracast 9$ a month, I would pay here to support the movement.

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Try to go throug the code of some Phalcon applications

Serghei has nice list here https://github.com/sergeyklay/awesome-phalcon



I also don't quickly understand how to work with Phalcon framework. I have not watched the tutorial videos.

Simple way just when to test the ready examples. To study I used these examples.

Also helped that I studied the source code of Phalcon. https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/tree/master/phalcon

Yeah, documentation and examples should be much more extensive. "You have to learn to crawl, before you learn to walk..." you know that saying. So you need to build your PHP skills first. I know too many people working in many frameworks who can't open a file with PHP w/o framework. That's bad. Everyone should get to know the basics first.

Laravel on the other hand invests a lot, so it's not a problem for them to orgnize such video tutorials etc.

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Just a quick note, the upcoming Laracon happens in my city this year and i was planing to go be part of it should i have been staying with it. The crazy part is that the guy that made laracast, jeffery way, was just a forum user. So if here is my question. Since most of you are advance developers, Y not make a laracast like webstie for Phalcon? Allow users to upload tutorals and charge a premium subcription of eg. 9$ a month. I understand that Udemy is a way to do it but y allow others to capitalize on that when the real pontential and brains are right here?

Phalcon is a sad story. It started great but than it have stagnated. The documentation is several years old and unmaintained. It seems like an abandoned project. The devs are probably more interested in Zephir than Phalcon. Maybe it's time to go .NET if it's finally opensource. I don't know.

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.NET? Wow. Don't loose faith that easily. In which terms it has stagnated? Documentation is very sparse, that's what we all agree and that's the most problematic thing for newcomers.

I don't think Phalcon is going off the scenes anytime soon. Keep the faith.


Yea I just spent the last three days going step by step in the documentation. Not sure y the documentation is 2.0 because it does not fallow the created project file structure, or much of anything else. The bootstrap file in the doc is all in one where the created files have it spit up in config folder. Just a simple example.

In any case still going at it, i love the framework and i really want to learn it.

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Hope video tutorials like udemy or laracast (or even better Crash Courses ) will happen for phalcon.

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