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Images don't show in view when accessed by controller.


I'm working on a web app with phalcon since april, and encoutering my first unsolvable problem :

I've got a simple html page located at /public/jeux/[jeu_name]/perdu/perdu.phtml. It contains some <img src="./header_mobile"> with relative paths to images.

All goes well when I load the phtml file directly, with full path to the file in browser.

BUT, when I load this view from my dedicated controller :

    public function indexAction() {
                "action" => "perdu"

    public function formAction(){

    public function perduAction(){

Images don't show, even if Firebug's network pannels says '200 OK' about images GET requests.

I really need help on this, can't figure out why this isn't working.. halp ! Can do screenshots if needed, or if I wasn't clear in my explanations (frenchie inside, sry ^^ )

Thanks !

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The problem is that URL base changes per page (/, /index/, /product/, /product/view/, etc).

Relative image URLs won't fly this way, either make them absolute (I'd recommend this), or wrap the image path with {{ url("path-to-img") }}. You are getting 200 OK code because the http server still resolves the request, probably to index/index which is text/html (you can check that with the network debug tab in your browser).


With absolute paths, I get nothing but 404 not found (triple checked the path), even if I direct access the html file.

How should I wrap the path ? <img src={{ url("path-to-img") }}> ?


Absolute paths as in OS or Web absolute path?

Lets say this is your project root: /var/www/html/game-generator/ Document root (web server root): /var/www/html/game-generator/public/ Image to be served: /var/www/html/game-generator/public/jeux/[jeu_name]/perdu/header_mobile.png

To view this image, you'd have to use this absolute url: /jeux/[jeu_name]/perdu/header_mobile.png (substitute [jeu_name] ofc) If you type this in your browser and get 404 error, then you have some problem with your web server, not Phalcon


"Absolute paths as in OS or Web absolute path?" ==> d.. didn't knew there was a difference, I never use absolute paths ^^ Will keep this in mind !

It works awesomely well with "jeux/..." (without the first "/" that u purposed)

Thanks a lot Mr Bencz ! :)


What about

{{ image("src":"/img/image.jpg") }}

-> this image should be in public/img/image.jpg

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Hello again, I'm still encoutering little issue with my images :

public function indexAction() {
    return $this->dispatcher->forward(array("action" => "form"));

public function gameAction(){
    return $this->dispatcher->forward(array("action" => "win"));

public function formAction(){

public function winAction(){

First, my indexAction fw to formAction and pick form view ==> Images OK. Then, my form submit to gameAction, fw to winAction and pick win view ==> Images KO :(

BUT, If fw to winAction from indexAction, win view shows up with images ! OR, if if fw to formAction from gameAction, form view is loaded without images..

I think it's about url : gameAction adds /game to the current url, is there a way to prevent this ?

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Hi, bumping a bit this topic that's lost in the depths (hope this is allowed). I'm in a real need of help and a bit hurry ; these images are driving me mad.

I made a bunch of php var dumps to try to figure out what's going on with routes, urls, paths resolvings but I really lack knowledge around there.

My images got these type of paths : src="jeux/jeu/form/header_mobile"

From the view 'form', I have these dumps :

jeuDIr : jeux/jeu/

SCRIPT NAME : /game-generator/public/index.php

REQUEST URI : /game-generator/Golden?id=267&ticket=22

__DIR__ from controller: /var/www/html/game-generator/app/controllers

__DIR__ from view: /var/www/html/game-generator/public/jeux/jeu/form

from the view 'gagne', these :

jeuDIr : jeux/jeu/

SCRIPT NAME : /game-generator/public/index.php

REQUEST URI : /game-generator/golden/jeu

__DIR__ : /var/www/html/game-generator/app/controllers

__DIR__ from view : /var/www/html/game-generator/public/jeux/jeu/gagne

The only remarquable difference is the request URI, wich I suppose is somehow used for path resolving..

For some reason I can't use absolute paths for my images, only get 404 not found.

I'll just add that I'm using default .htaccess as described here : https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/apache.html

Thanks in advance for any help !