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Issues installing Phosphorum on Wamp Server on Windows


I am trying to install Phosphorum 2 on Wamp Server running on Windows 7. I have had some issues. I have installed Git and finally been able to get the website going. The issue is when I click on Log in with Github I get a 404 error with the link showing


The config.php specifies the below, what should I change it to for it to work.

    'github' => [
        'clientId'     => '',
        'clientSecret' => '',
        'redirectUri'  => 'https://pforum.loc/login/oauth/access_token/'

I have specified my user & password for Github in clientId & clientSecret but it still gives the error.

Secondly only https://localhost/forum/discussions works. If I specify https://localhost/forum/ I get a 404 error. I hope both issues have some solution and somebody's tried to set it up earlier on Wamp.

Thanks, Amal


sincew noone is responding, can you give the github link, i cant find this Phosphorum 2. I guess i am not the only one.


@Izo, it is available at https://phalconist.com/phalcon/forum. This link can also be reached from https://phalcon.io/en/->Resources link on the menu. Download option is at the top.