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Multiple model variable in Volt template


i had this problem month ago with phalcon 2 and my solution was the same as shown(with different models). But now in phalcon 3.0 it seems, that it doesn't work anymore.


public function initialize(){
   $this->belongsTo('usersId', __NAMESPACE__ . '\Users', 'id', [
       'alias' => 'user'


$this->hasMany('id', __NAMESPACE__ . '\Papers', 'usersId', [
    'alias' => 'papers',
    'foreignKey' => [
        'message' => 'Paper cannot be deleted because he/she has activity in the system'

paper/index.volt -> this is working in user/index.volt

{% for p in user.papers %}
   {{ p.diverse }}
{% endfor %}

I want in my paper/index.volt different varibales from different models, also in other templates. How can i do this?

Rgds Stefan

What exactly is a problem ? Also you should really use modelsManager :).

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that the variable user is undefinied, normally it should work ... or not?

Yes it should work. Just check that this is actually volt by var_dump($user->papers) before setting variable to volt



the result is null. I am not in user controller now, i am in paper controller


When i set the url to


It works.

Isn't it just like the relation between the models. When i call an object i can call user -> paper -> diverse

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But urls doesn't have anything to do about this. Where you set this user variable for view ?


Maybe i have an understanding problem, but isn't this the variable? 'alias' => 'user'

I mean from where user appears in view ?


Sorry but now i am completely be stumped.

Do i have to use setVar() to create $user variable? I understand that, when i have a relation between the models, i can simply use {{ user.papers.diverse }} in volt, because of the alias

So i have a PaperController.php with just an indexAction() and inside there is nothing more. In paper/index.volt i want to display the papers/documents of an user with id 123.

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Yes, obviously you need to use setVar to have it appear in view and as well find it first men(or use model binding from 3.0.0). Like

$dispatcher->setModelBinding(true); // ind your dispatcher service

public indexAction(User $user)
    $this->view->setVar('user', $user);

alias is just alias, for accessing it from model like$user->papers; or $paper->user;

It won't magically appear in view :D


Hello Wojciech Ślawski,

now i got it and understand ;-)

my papers/index.volt

            {% for p in user.paper %}
                {{ p.diverse }}
            {% endfor %}

            {% for s in user.successLogins %}
                {{ s.userAgent }}
            {% endfor %}


public function indexAction($id){
    $user = $this->view->user = Users::findFirst($id);

Thx for the thoughts abutting

Rgds Stefan