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Too many negative votes

This post has too many negative votes. The cause of this could be:

  • Irrelevant or controversial information
  • Confusing question or not a real question
  • Aggressive vocabulary, excessive rudeness, etc

Things that I hate on this forum

This is a list of things I hate on this "forum":

  1. no reply button
  2. no breadcrumbs for easier orientation
  3. no real navigation in forum
  4. no bold, links and other stuff accessible by some bbcode or wysiwyg editor (yes, I know about three ticks blah blah)
  5. no private messages
  6. no thread specific subscription via email (it can be set only globally for all threads)
  7. no link to go back to phalcon home page (only discussions, activity, settings, logout)
  8. help link must have target="_blank"; yours is opening in the same window and all the written stuff in textarea is then gone. Please, change txt <a class="help" href="/help">Help</a> to txt <a class="help" href="/help" target="_blank">Help</a>

I will provide more things that I hate on this forum later.

edited Mar '14

You first learn why it's not working :


require_once Services {

    protected function _registerServices() {
    $di = new \Phalcon\DI\FactoryDefault();



@Oleg Dude, please stop attacking me and rather focus on improving this forum. Thank you.

@Oleg @bpmvrzsf The number one priority is now a mini street fighter game built in zephyr that integrates into the forum. I guess my question @phalcon is, why focus on writting a language compiler and a framework when you haven't covered the basics.

@bpmvrzsf Instead of attacking everyone that has contributed to the project in general as well as this forum, why don't you do something original?

Go to Github, clone the forum repo and start working on all the issues that you hate. Issue pull requests and we will consider them and merge them.

If you don't want to do that, don't use the forum or the software.

Criticism like the above is not tolerated and you will be banned from here. It is one thing to start a discussion about features that can be implemented and another to blame everyone under the sun and expect them to change things to please you.