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Forum behavior weird in ios

Granted, it's silly that Im typing this on an ipad. I just wonder if anyone has noticed how badly this wysiwyg behaves in ios (safari), and if perhaps it's peculiar to my ipad, or if it's a more general safari issue. This ipad is my only ios device. I'm seeing a weird looking cursor, but more importantly the cursor doesnt exactly alogn with the letters you type. Actually thats no big deal either, but is weird. At times the text area has frozen on me but contracting my on-screen keyboard and then expanding it sometimes gets it unstuck. It could also be an interaction between the wysiwyg and the captcha. Also sometimes the screen will randomly scroll down when I tap a key.. Submit button disappears when I rotate screen vertical.

It behaves as bad with Firefox/Chrome as well. JS loops the shit out of the CPU.