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How to install Phalcon on shared hosting server?

I'm trying to install Phalcon framework on a shared hosting server by Goddady but it doesn't support GCC compiler, is there any work around to overcome this problem?


Unfortunately, there will be no chance for you to achieve that. Your shared hosting provider didn't install gcc on your system and you will have no way (if ever you compile phalcon on your own desktop) to load phalcon php extension (you will have to modify php.ini settings and reload apache configuration). BTW, I had a look on Goddady offers for shared hosting. For quiet the same price (5$) you can find virtual private servers.

I have shared hosting with a provider that does have ssh access, gcc, and the ability to modify php.ini for my web applications. I don't have root permissions though. When I try to compile Phalcon, I get the error, "Cannot find build files at '/usr/lib64/build'. Please check your PHP installation." Is there any way to specify a different build location?



You can not install Phalcon without root access to your server. Your SSH is chroot to user directory only. You can change hosting to any VPS hostings.

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There arre many shared hostings which can do the job as the likes of GoDaddy, BlueHost etc. However, I don't recommend you to use it with the shared hosting instead I suggest you to go with the cloud hosting such as: Linode secure server. Because it is an economical option and has got some credibility to it's name.