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Social authentification

Hi all, i'm new here and i've just started working with phalcon. I have managed to play around with it and currently i'm going to create some open source applications like social authentification via facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. After this i think it will be great to start a small shopping cart application to see how is going (going to test it with around 1-2 millions products) and around 30K of requests. I'll post the code here when is going to be done and tested.

Nice, good luck! =)

Sounds great and good luck, too! :)

Nice, We're waitning :D

edited Mar '14

I think i can finish it today! I made some progress on it. Now i need to make it to be installed with composer. OAuth 1 and OAuth2 will be supported. Amazon Bitbucket Dailymotion Dropbox Facebook Flickr Foursquare Github Google Instagram Linkedin Microsoft Paypal Reddit Tumblr Twitter


I'm actually excited and waiting.

Unless you're trying to be cute or French, the word is "authentication", not "authentification"