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Happy Birthday

We are humans. We want to better ourselves. Taking different paths and exploring new opportunities we all want to make the world a better place for everyone that lives in it.

This has been the drive of many innovators throughout the years, who, through determination and hard work, made a difference, change minds, offering tools and ideas that make our lives easier.

Two years ago (actually our two year anniversary was in January but this will do), a crazy idea was formed, to create the fastest and most feature rich PHP framework as a PHP extension.

Phalcon was born.

3ACEC916AE9C026594FE0562EF3013BE2CF47247 marks one of the first commits made in the cphalcon repository in Github, but in fact, one of the most significant because it declared our mission starting that day.

Very early days back then, extremely few followers, a lot of things to learn, many bugs and many features missing. Since then, a lot of things have happened, we have been delighted to see new contributors to our project, new testers, new users and new applications every day.

Thank you all! Without you we could have not gone this far.

Happy birthday Phalcon Project!

Happy B-Day Phalcon a thanks for this great Framework!


Phalcon/Zephir - please put Symphony/ZF out of their misery! :)

Happy B-Day !!!

Let's party !!! =))))))


Congrats to Phalcon team you are great ! Thank you very much for this excellent piece of code

Happy Birthday Phalcon..... I beleive that you are the best in the Php world...

Happy birhday Phalcon. I've only just discovered you, but here's to a long and fruitful relationship.


Happy Birthday Phalcon ! Congratulations to phalcon team :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday! YAY!


I love the way you thank us using Phalcon while really, it is we who thank you for your excellent work! Happy Birthday Phalcon.

Thanks for init commit of Phalcon.


Only 2 years young and now already one of the best and most professional PHP framework. It's an amazing achievement,

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Happy Birthday!

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Some say that Laravel has gotten them re-excited about PHP but Phalcon has done that for me. I have experience with Cake and Codeigniter, and I tried Laravel but couldn't get excited over such a bloated CPU hog...Phalcon is an Amazing framework, especially for building REST APIs which is what I'm using it for. I've been telling my ASP.NET friends about it--and that takes courage! (talking about PHP in a .NET shop)


I'm starting with phalcon and very excited, congratulations to the team!