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What's happened to the forum?

Hi guys, what's happenened to the forum during these days?

@cosmy81 What do you mean?

I just got spammed with around 50 reply notifications. Seems like every reply notification since the beginning of time was resent.

I'm sorry for that. Just fixed notifications queue

Sweet, notifcation emails have been fixed. Thanks!


I've got an error 501 for the last 5 days, every time I tryed to start a discussion

@cosmy81 Hm... Let me check logs

Yeah, the forum went crazy :)

Really spam but at least it was good to remember some nice old topics :)


I was hoping the emails were replies to my Mongo threads announcing Phalcon now has native MongoDB support...

edited Dec '17

@sergeyklay can you fix Zephir forum too plz? Cannot login

@flyingangel Yeah.. I plan fix it this weekend