Error: Cannot load database configuration

I'm taking an existing Phalcon project, and its version 3.4.

A config.ini file was present in app/config/config.ini. I modified it with values. Here's the copy of that file:

Now when I'm trying to run phalcon migration run in the terminal, it throws error Error: Cannot load database configuration

I also read the official documentation of Phalcon in regard to migrations and it mentions phalcon run-migration.

But when I tried using phalcon run-migration and it returns error run-migration is not a recognized command.

Not sure if I'm missing anything. Any help would be appreciated



you not set database configuration. Please change your settings to:

host =
username = homestead
password = secret
dbname = project1
prefix =


database.adapter=Mysql =
database.username = homestead
database.password = secret
database.dbname = project1
database.prefix =