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Error: Cannot load database configuration

I'm taking an existing Phalcon project, and its version 3.4.

A config.ini file was present in app/config/config.ini. I modified it with values. Here's the copy of that file: https://pastebin.com/J47qHHaH

Now when I'm trying to run phalcon migration run in the terminal, it throws error Error: Cannot load database configuration

I also read the official documentation of Phalcon in regard to migrations and it mentions phalcon run-migration.

But when I tried using phalcon run-migration and it returns error run-migration is not a recognized command.

Not sure if I'm missing anything. Any help would be appreciated



you not set database configuration. Please change your settings to:

host =
username = homestead
password = secret
dbname = project1
prefix =


database.host =
database.username = homestead
database.password = secret
database.dbname = project1
database.prefix =
edited Mar '20

Restart spring:

bin/spring stop

bin/spring start

Spring is an in memory pre-loader for before performance. If you do something crazy like change your Rails application directory and then re git clone, the underlying directory that Spring owns will be internally different and that will cause this to fail. And you will think that you are going insane; you're not -- Spring can be a mild pissant at times. myccpay